How DivideOurStuff Works for a Divorce Mediator

As a divorce mediator, one of the most time-consuming parts of your job is trying to define your client's net worth, getting them to provide a list of assets and debts and finally getting them to agree on the allocation of everything.

Why Choose

With, you save all this time and effort. Not only does it greatly benefit you, but it also really helps your clients work through their assets in a non-emotional, collaborative approach.

5 Simple Steps for You to Use

Have Your Client Visit

Your clients will set up their accounts in just a couple of clicks.

They Build Their List

Easy to use interface to add and organize all of your assets and debts.

They Assign Joy Values™

Joy Values™ are used to provide a non-cash value of what something means to you personally.

List Sharing

Your clients can share their lists and add their own items- but can only view the other's Joy Values™ when they are both ready to share them.

Divide Their Stuff

Once the two parties have collaborated on the assets, you or your client can print a marital estate worksheet to review their assets and debts.


What Makes
So Unique?

Not only does this tool provide you and your clients with the ease of creating and sharing their asset and debt lists, but the part of it that makes it work so well is the Joy Value™ feature.

Joy Values™ are a way to rank your assets with nonmonetary values so your client can assign a value to the asset they want, regardless of its actual cash value.

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If you are a family divorce mediator,
can be a powerful tool for you and your clients. Contact us today to learn more.