Joy Value™

When it's time to divide your stuff, we want to know,
"how much joy does each item bring you?"

Joy Value™, Explained includes the Joy Value™ software tool that allows each spouse to assign up to 100 points of joy to each of their personal and real property assets. This tool allows both parties to rank their assets in a non-cash value and helps facilitate the allocation of their assets.

Once you've assigned all 100 points, you can then share your list with your spouse and see how their list of assets compares to yours and how their Joy Value™ amounts compare as well.

Each asset can have between 1 and 100 of your limited Joy Value™ points, and the list must add up to 100 points in order to enable sharing with your spouse. We recommend prioritizing your items based on your feelings but also giving consideration to those assets you’re sure your spouse will end up with anyways, so you would not want to give those many (if any) points.


Modifying Joy Values™

Making edits to your Joy Values™ is quick and easy. All you have to do is click into the asset that you want to edit and replace the Joy Value™ with the correct number.

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